Talent Profiling

Identify A Persons Natural Strengths

  • Talent profiling enables anyone to better understand their natural dominant traits.

  • Knowing our natural traits define what our core strengths (Good) and weaknesses (Bad) are.

  • Focusing on doing more of 'this' (Good) and less of 'that' (Bad) make people more relaxed, motivated and rewarded.

  • You don't need a consultant or expensive profile to tell you what you know, you just need smart, quick and accurate analysis.
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Team Insights

Compare & Rank Teams 

  • Our Apps enable you to profile an entire team and empower them to easily define their own talent.

  • Add your own metrics or KPI's you us to rate your teams and you can identify their natural strengths.

  • You can track users anywhere any time to view the latest rankings as data is updated.

  • Empowering a teams natural strengths will maximise their efficiency and your profits.

Candidate Ranking

Enhance Your Recruitment

  • Matching personalities to the skills you know make a team more effective creates objective recruitment analyses.

  • Empowering managers with objective analyses will make your recruitment quicker, cheaper and more effective.

  • Internal, external, promotion or succession planning can all benefit from objective analyses.

  • Add our talent profiling to your own recruitment application or utilise 'straight out the box' solutions.


Add Profiling & Insight to Your Apps

  • API One enables clients to add 'Lite' profiling into their own recruitment software to quickly and rank candidates without reading a CV.

  • API Two provides analyse options using our 'Full' profiling embedded within HR applications that empower and maximise employees and teams.

  • 'Lite' profiling based on single fee per profile created. 'Full' profiling based on low-cost fee per user per month.

  • Full documentation and support provided 24/7 to your in-house developers.