Talent Profiles

From £19

Includes; A Full Individual Profile with 360º feedback, social media linking and online webinar.

Team Insights

From £1 p/m

Includes; Individual Profiles with 360º feedback, social media linking and team analysis.

Recruitment & API


Choose out the box applications, white-label configuration or imbed our API's into your application


Unique Approach

Our talent profile enables users to select any number of words. We do not force users into answering questions they don't relate too.



Accurate Profiling

Our profile has a user accuracy rating of over 80% on average and our Team Insight tools have helped increase efficiency by over 15%.



Quick & Easy

We automate the complex tasks so you can get direct to what you want to see without the need of consultants of training.

Real-time Insights

We enable individuals to better understand their natural strengths and managers to collate insights to identify ideal team traits. 

Direct & Visual

Our profiles don't hold back, we provide a single page of direct copy so users and managers know exactly what every aspect means.

Instant Access

There are no consultants or training required to use our software, just create an account and get started, even if your profile 5,000 employees.

Fast Implementation

With no need for consultants with Gauge software we are here to help you implement, train and get the best out of our products.


Smartphone Friendly

We've taken away paper and now we've made our profiling application desktop, tablet and smartphone friendly.


Secure & Safe

All our applications are hosted on Windows Azure, use security socket layers and programmed to the latest protocols.