At Gauge we like to create digital solutions that are ahead of the curve.  A few years ago we took an accurate and historically valid paper based talent profile and digitised it. We then ensured its accuracy with over 5,000 freely rated reviews providing Gauge.Me an average of 80%. But this is where the 'blue sky' then came into play. We created a bulk profiling tool for any organisation to identify the ideal persona for any position.

A two year case study found that if you match candidates to the ideal employee persona & skills you will increase efficiency and, in this case, sales contribution.

Our back-office conceptualise, design and build apps in-house to enable our front-office our sales and support teams to implement and manage. Gauge is a technology start-up always on the look-out for talent to become employees and stakeholders. If you believe you can add weight to Gauge directly and your NOT a recruiter, please contact Spencer on +44 7800 502260.